Drupalcamp Cebu 2014 : We did it !

Almost a year after we started the idea of creating a Drupalcamp Cebu back in November 2013, we organized the first ever Drupal Camp outside of Manila in the Philippines, and we managed to make it popular. We had a couple of objectives with Drupalcamp Cebu, we wanted the camp to offer a professional and affordable Drupal Camp in Cebu, with good sessions and no extra un-necessary stuff ... without losing money. Keep it simple and fun!

Sessions, BoFs and training: The main feature of a Drupal Camp are the sessions. With two session rooms, we were able to make the most of the venue and offer more choices to the attendees. We also had a space for people to have BoFs, informal conversations. We realised that most of our sessions were for intermediate audience, so an extra room provided a one day training for beginners (special thanks to Ranny and John Ross for pushing this idea).

Affordable: The early bird price was P250 (5.50$) and P150 for students (3.30$), this included food, coffee, snacks for 1.5 days, 1 tshirt (from the Linux Fundation) and 1 free drink in the evening during socials. Even after the early bird, the camp remained one of the cheapest in Asia. We managed to have a partnership and discounted rooms with TUNE Hotel Cebu for guests coming from another city / country, a room in central Cebu for P1208 a night (around $26) is a pretty good deal. We also provided different options to buy the ticket : Bank transfer, in Promet Source's office in Cebu City or directly using the Drupalcamp Cebu's site via Drupal Commerce and Paypal.

We received some really cool feedback!
"Simply the BEST!!!!" Francis Mark N. Mawo
"The DrupalCamp Cebu 2014 was a great experience. I learned a lot from the Camp and made new friends. Looking forward for the next DrupalCamp :)" Lee Untal
"Drupal Camp was a great experience for me. I learned many things and currently practising the new thing I learned. Thanks for this wonderful experience" Albert Alinson
"Drupal Camp Cebu 2014 was well organized! thanks to the volunteers, speakers and the sponsors for making it happen! The price is very affordable specially for students and beginners." Mark Jayson Gruta

What's next for Drupal in Cebu?
We actually made some profit from Drupalcamp Cebu (see our financial report: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pzngawl9q5ejjg7/financial-report-camp-cebu.pdf?dl=0), all the funds will be re-used for more events and trainings in Cebu next year. We will keep doing our usual events: the monthly Drupal presentation and the Beer&Chat Cebu (a similar event will start in Davao, thanks to Ryan Gambito). As for the past two years we will try to organize a two days training for beginners, in a local university. We will organize a few events to engage people to contribute to Drupal: Drupal Ladder (like in 2013) and for the first time a code spint in Cebu, exciting!

Here are a few numbers:
- 130 people attended the event.
- All over the Philippines and outside. Attendees were of course mainly from Cebu but also Manila, Davao and Iloilo. A few attendees came specially to attend the camp from other countries such as USA, Japan and Korea.
- 2 dedicated rooms for sessions hosted 19 Sessions (one session became a BoF) in total. We also had several BoFs.
- Sessions for all, in 5 categories: Front end, Back end, Business, Design, DevOps.
- 1 extra room was dedicated to a one day training for beginners.

A huge thanks to: University of San Carlos (Event Host), Promet Source (Gold Sponsor), Next Aeon & X-Team (Silver Sponsors), Powerstorm & Webizat (Bronze Sponsors), Drupal Association (Community Sponsor), Cameron&Wilding (Lunch Sponsor), Acquia (Party Sponsor), Scenic Tour (Coffee Sponsors), all the speakers, and of course the amazing volunteers (Ace Reston, Ranny Navarro, Mary Chris Casis, Dexie Carla, John Ross Castano, Donnabel Carato, Tere Ramirez, Vincent Caballo).

Jinky Suarez & Luc Bézier.